infant Classes

The Community School of the Park Cities has two toddler rooms with children ranging in age from 18 months to three years old. The toddlers follow a group schedule which includes circle time, center play time, creative art, and other seasonal projects. The toddlers also have a weekly lesson plan which follows a theme created to help the children learn more about topics that they are interested in, as well as helping them to build more skills. 

Toddlers are still babies in many ways, but they want very much to "do it myself". Age appropriate activities utilizing thematic units are offered to encourage development of basic skills including letter, number, and shape recognition. The toddlers also have plenty of time to choose activities both inside and outside. 

Throughout their time in the toddler room, the toddler teachers structure activities to help them meet the specific developmental milestones for their age group.our paragraph here.

The Community School of the Park Cities has loving, caring teachers who provide a stimulating environment for babies to grow and learn. Infants are held face to face, talked to, sung to, and played with throughout the day, which are some of the key philosophies of the Attachment Parenting philosophy we follow. 

The children in the infant rooms remain with the same teacher until they are 18 months old so that they develop a strong sense of attachment to their caregivers.

This philosophy of Early Childhood Education helps the babies develop a positive sense of self-esteem and feel safe in their environment. The idea that the children stay with the same teacher for a long period of time is a philosophy of Relationship Centered Child Care, a proven philosophy that promotes the emotional well-being of very young children cared for outside the home. 

Additionally, babies are allowed ample floor time to explore, push up, crawl, and interact with other children.

Older babies and young toddlers are offered simple art projects, age appropriate puzzles, and other entertaining materials. Babies are also given opportunities to explore the outdoors on our back porch or our four-seater stroller. 

Toddler Classes