Classroom Highlights

  • Low ratios of 1:4
  • Two infant rooms.
  • Caregivers with child development training and education.
  • Each infant follows his/her own schedule provided by parents
  • Food, diapers, and wipes provided by the parents.
  • Learning individualized so each child learns at his own pace.
  • Gradual transition to the toddler room when each child is ready.
  • Daily report provided by teachers to summarize the events of the day including eating, sleeping, and diapering.
Tiffany Peoples

From: Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX
Education: BA from the University of Karachi; teacher training workshops for child development, child psychology. Additional training in Montessori Cirriculum apparatus – objective for practice uses for subject as sensorial, language, mathematics, and culture. Workshop for early learning technique for child. Certificate course on introduction to special education.
Teaching: Two years at CSPC
Teaching Favorite: “This job demands dedication, responsibility, and understanding with parents and of course immense love for children, As a teenager I have always admired young children. Once I became a mother my passion increased. Teaching and taking care of young children make me happy and contented. I am always energetic and feel great to be with my little angels. My little sweethearts bring sunshine in my life and I always 
try to bring the same in their lives."

 Gianelli Lopez  is our wonderful afternoon caregiver!  She arrives in the afternoon to care for the sweet babies!  She is  so loving and caring.
Amy Griffiths

From: Dallas, TX (Originally from Oregon)
Education: Studied education at Oregon State University before pursuing a career in the airlines business. Amy attended the Air Academy and worked at Frontier Airlines before deciding to raise a family. Amy was a flight attendant and gate agent as well as holding various positions with the airlines. She was able to travel with her position.
Teaching: Nineteen years total, eight years at CSPC
Teaching Favorite: Amy enjoys being around children of different ages. She loves watching how fast they learn and grow. Amy feels that every day is amazing and that every child has their own special personality emerging and it is wonderful to be a part of their daily growth.

Tequilla Wrighter

From: Dallas, TX 
Education: University of Madia and has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Education.
Has an Early Childhood Certificate of Christian Teaching from Concordia University in Austin, TX.
Teaching Favorite: Tequilla loves working with children and her favorite thing about teaching is she gets job satisfaction.

The Community School of the Park Cities has loving, caring teachers who provide a stimulating environment for babies to grow and learn. Infants are held face to face, talked to, sung to, and played with throughout the day, which are some of the key philosophies of the Attachment Parenting philosophy we follow. 

The children in the infant rooms remain with the same teacher until they are 18 months old so that they develop a strong sense of attachment to their caregivers.

This helps the babies develop a positive sense of self-esteem and feel safe in their environment. The idea that the children stay with the same teacher for a long period of time is a philosophy of Relationship Centered Child Care, a proven philosophy that promotes the emotional well-being of very young children cared for outside the home. 

Additionally, babies are allowed ample floor time to explore, push up, crawl, and interact with other children.

Older babies and young toddlers are offered simple art projects, age appropriate puzzles, and other entertaining materials. Babies are also given opportunities to explore the outdoors on our back porch or our four-seater stroller. 

Rosa Alvarez

From: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Education: Secretarial school in Guatemala
Teaching: Six years total, three years at CSPC 
Teaching Favorite: "Teaching them new things while learning something new from them.  I also love to see them grow."

Meet Our Infant Caregivers
Nancy Hunt

From: Dallas, TX
Education: Child development classes at Mountain View College
Teaching: Twenty-nine years total, seven years at CSPC
Teaching Favorite: Nancy started working at Texas Instruments and attended technical school in the area of making Collin Radios. She decided to pursue education when she had young children of her own so that she could work and be close to her children at the same time.