Highlights for Parents 

  • Strong, supportive parent group
  • Quarterly parent meetings
  • Parents encouraged to visit and help in classrooms
  • Parent work days held twice per year
  • Opportunities for teacher appreciation
  • Social events to meet other parents

Parents are a key part of the "community" of The Community School. We value the input of the parents in the care of their children and as a result we enjoy very involved and supportive parents. 

We believe that parents are partners with our teachers in the care of their children. The Community School is also inclusive, believing that families come in all shapes and sizes.

On a regular basis, parents are invited to visit the classrooms so that they can see how their children are progressing. There are also plentiful volunteer opportunities for parents, such as helping in the classroom, parent work days, and reading to the children. Parents are always welcome at the school to visit their children or to help in the classrooms.

The Community School also has a very active parent group that supports the school with teacher appreciation, parent work days, and fundraising activities. The parent group meets on a quarterly basis to plan parent support activities for the school.

Parent meetings also include speakers on parenting and other related topics to aid in the education of the children