The Community School is committed to working with our parents to give our kids the best opportunity to gain acceptance into the school of their choice. We want to be of assistance during this transition to make it smooth and successful, so we are providing this general overview of the private school admission process and timelines. We hope you find it useful.

​When considering applying for private schools, the choices and process can seem daunting.  We recommend narrowing down your options to only a small handful of schools as the process can be time-intensive for the entire family. 

Most private schools in DFW have the following requirements:

  • Admission preview/school visit – usually starting in September and going through November
  • Application (online/electronic form) with a fee of $100 - $200
  • Testing at the school or via a third party that charges around $300
  • Interview/observation of the student at the school
  • Transcripts, progress reports, and teacher evaluations

Admission deadlines vary and can be as soon as early December or as late at February. Decision letters from the school are usually mailed out mid-March and require parents to confirm enrollment within 2 weeks along with a non-refundable deposit that can range from $500 - $1000.

Sometimes, talking to someone who has been through the process can be helpful.  If you’re interested in connecting with other Community School parents (current or former) who have applied to a particular school, contact us at 214-521-5514, and we will be happy to make an introduction.

We are so proud of all of our Community School Pre K students who are going to the following private schools in Dallas:
Greenhill, Lakehill, Lamplighter, St. Monica, First Baptist, Grace Academy.  Past students have attended ESD, St. Alcuin, Dallas International School, St. Johns, and Good Shepard.

private school admission