Gianelli Lopez

From: Dallas, Tx
Education: Associates degree in Science from Eastfield and Richland College
Teaching: She has had several years of experience teaching at the Community School and several years of babysitting
Teaching Favorite: Her favorite thing about teaching is socializing with the kids and babies

At the Community School we are fortunate enough to be able to employ a team of teachers we consider our Support Staff. This group of teachers are equipped and able to work in any of our classrooms. They can assist teachers who are present in the room or because of the familiarity of all the programs, they can even act as a substitute of an absent teacher

Support Staff
Amy Griffiths

From: Dallas, TX (Originally from Oregon)
Education: Studied education at Oregon State University before pursuing a career in the airlines business. Amy attended the Air Academy and worked at Frontier Airlines before deciding to raise a family. Amy was a flight attendant and gate agent as well as holding various positions with the airlines. She was able to travel with her position.
Teaching: Nineteen years total, eight years at CSPC
Teaching Favorite: Amy enjoys being around children of different ages. She loves watching how fast they learn and grow. Amy feels that every day is amazing and that every child has their own special personality emerging and it is wonderful to be a part of their daily growth.

Meet Our Support Staff
Charly Culwell

From: California
Education: She is working towards her bachelor's degree and is currently taking childcare classes
Teaching: Has worked as a nanny and tutor, this is currently her first year at CSPC
Teaching Favorite: "I love introducing new concepts to kids. You can almost see their little wheels turning as they try to figure it out. It's so fun to watch and help the discover."