parent testimonials 

We are grateful for the wonderful children and families we serve here at the Community School. Please take a moment to read from our parents about the Community School has had a positive impact in their children's lives.


"Reflecting back on the years that my daughter, Isadora, attended the Community School of Park Cities (CSPC), the one word that resonates the most is trust. There were many days when I would be immersed for hours on a particular project – but not for one second did I doubt that she was in the caring and protective hands of her teachers at CSPC. 

The entire staff is warm, outgoing, attentive and very often, a stand-in mother. Like all children, there were days when Isadora would fall ill and spike a fever. Within minutes, I would be contacted and told how she was specifically being cared for and made comfortable. This type of attentiveness is exactly the sort of communication the parent of a sick child should hear.

My overall experience with CSPC was incredible. I have recommended this school on several occasions – even to complete strangers who are willing to hear talk extensively about how wonderful the Community School is. From the love given each and every day, it  is evident that the teachers care immensely, not only about the welfare of our children, but their intellect as well.

We miss the Community School very much but mostly we enjoy seeing Isadora strive academically. The staff should be extremely proud of the baseline they set for all of their students. Keep up the awesome work!!

- Robin Weaver, mother to Isadora