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Your trusted childcare center in Dallas, Texas
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About Our School

The Community School of the Park Cities is a unique child care center located in the Park Cities neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

For more than ten years, we have provided children with exceptional care and age-appropriate learning opportunities. 

Our status as a non-profit organization and our committed leadership ensure that resources are invested back into our teachers and staff, resulting in a high number of college-educated staff and a teacher turnover rate considerably lower than found at other schools.

Our school practices relationship-centered child care where the children remain with the same teacher for one year to eighteen months. This fosters a strong sense of self-worth and security among the children. The curriculum is individualized based on each child’s needs, interests, and developmental level. Each child is transitioned from room to room as he or she is ready and in a way that makes them feel comfortable going to the next room. All of our teachers have years of childcare experience and many of our teachers are degreed in early childhood education or a related field.

Community School Highlights

  • More than 20 years serving the Park Cities community
  • Leadership involved with day-to-day child care
  • Teacher opportunities for continued education, certification
  • Non-profit status ensures resources go back to school, teachers
The Community School of the Park Cities Mission Statement

To instill a foundation for lifelong learning within each child in a loving, caring, and secure social environment by:

  • Fostering a strong sense of self-worth and security,
  • Utilizing a developmentally appropriate curriculum, and
  • Providing individual child care for each child in a small class setting

Why The Community School is the Right Choice

For nearly 20 years, we at The Community School of the Park Cities have held a steadfast dedication to ensuring the children we serve thrive in an individualized, caring, and supportive environment. From infants to Pre-K, our goal is to ensure each child is fully prepared, confident and comfortable in entering the next stage in their learning and development. As a part of this goal, we:

  • Maintain low teacher-to-child ratios.
  • Ensure each of our teachers has a college education or is in pursuit of a college degree.
  • Provide individualized curriculum dependent on each child’s stage of development and needs.
  • Practice relationship-centered child care, allowing each child to form a trusting bond with their teacher before transitioning to the next developmental stage.
  • Focus on a balance of child-initiated and teacher-led activities to encourage growth, engagement and socialization.
  • Communicate regularly with parents to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Conduct twice yearly assessments to monitor each child’s progress toward achieving age-level expectations.
  • Offer enrichment classes beyond the standard curriculum for children to discover new strengths and interests.
  • Provide a large, well-shaded and landscaped playground for children to safely play and socialize with their schoolmates.

Many of our Community School graduates are now enrolled at respected public and private schools in the Dallas area, and we are honored to have been a part of their growth and development. We are proud of our students, our educators and our school, and we look forward to having your child as a part of the Community School family.