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Preparing your child for advanced learning

Pre-K Classes

Our Pre-K program is a mixed age class of 4 and 5-year-olds in which the teachers strive to meet each child’s needs according to his/her stage of development. Mornings involve various individual and group activities that include reading readiness, number concepts, handwriting, phonics, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, dramatic play, and art.

Each step of the way, our teachers make sure that each child masters certain skills before proceeding to the next level. Each child also works at his/her own pace. The Pre-K program strives for a nurturing environment and our teachers recognize that the work of children is play. We provide yearly assessments from E-Lap and Lap 3 to track the progress of the students.

For our pre-k students, we also offer weekly enrichment classes in which parents can choose to let their children participate. For these classes we bring in talented experts in special topics, such as music and dance, to bring more variety to the kids’ day. Currently, our Pre-K enrichment classes include:

  • Stretch N Grow – We offer a weekly movement class as well as an optional dance class through Stretch N Grow.
  • Spanish
  • Computer Class through Keyboard Kids